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Danilo and Jared Talk Italian Shaving and Barber History

Jared and Danilo sit down and talk about their careers in the barber trade. They discuss the rich history of barbering all over the world and their passion for learning and teaching the classic Barbering techniques and Italian Shaving protocols.

Danilo Alfonso Master Barber Look and Learn

Danilo Alfonso is a world renowned educator in Classic Barbering and Italian shaving with fixed blade razors. Danilo has a long résumé of education and training as well as having traveled the world to many different countries. He has visited different Barber shops, teaching and training at Look and Learn events and also hands-on intensive classes. We will be hosting a Look and Learn event Sunday July 10th email to: gentlemanjohnsbarbers@gmail.com for ticket information!

“Give a Gift You Know He’ll Love” Gentleman John’s Classic Barber Shop

Highlights the barber shop's gift cards available for purchase during the holiday season!

“Classic Cuts Only” Gentleman John’s Classic Barber Shop

Video created for Gentleman John's Classic Barber Shop located in Lynchburg, VA. Details Jared's love for classic men's hairstyles and how his shop reflects the old school barber trade.

“Our Story” Gentleman John’s Classic Barber Shop

Watch to see their inspirational story of how Gentleman John's came to be!

Jared Hesse w/ Gentleman John’s Classic Only Barber Shop

"Your going to enter and leave this world with one thing......your name. What you do in between the 2 dates that mark that entrance and exit make it mean something." Jared Hesse has decided that his name, the same as his father's and his Grandfather's is going to stand for a simpler time. When men went for a shave and a haircut, not with a goal of it taking 5 minutes and rushing onto the next thing. But taking pride in their appearance with a quality classic cut. When you step through the door the sounds of the 1930's and 40's can be heard with the music selection. You must have a reservation to be seen so there is no wait. (A nice modern touch during Covid times) So sit back, listen and enjoy the story of Gentleman John's Classic Only Barber Shop!