7 Reasons To Choose Gentleman John’s Classic Barbershop


1. Welcome- our goal is always to greet every client when they walk in the door. We want everyone to feel welcome and understand that we value all of our clients.

2. Cleanliness- our goal is to always keep the shop clean. This is a constant ongoing process to maintain a clean shop every day. We believe that cleanliness is a necessity in order to serve our clients with excellence and professionalism.

3. Highly Trained Staff- all of our barbers are committed to continuing education, and always striving to grow in their knowledge and skills of haircutting, beards, and shaving.

4. Punctuality- using the online booking platform allows us to work organized and make the best use of our time. We aim to always start and finish our services at the expected time so that our most valuable asset is respected.  We value time.

5. Respectful Environment- we strive to always maintain a family, friendly atmosphere, where people of all ages and cultures will feel comfortable and know that they will be respected and well taken care of.

6. Ambience- our goal is to consistently appeal to all of our clients senses. The way the shop looks, the comfortable temperature, the smell,  and the sounds, can always be expected to be consistent with our classic brand.

7. Excellence in Service- our goal is to make our clients feel better because of the quality of the haircut, beard service, or shave they receive here.  We are committed to providing an excellent experience for all of our clients. 

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